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The ORIGINAL Manchester Pest Control Service offers Wasp Nest control treatment or removal at a fixed price £35.00, with no hidden extras.

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Key Features:

The common Brown Rat has varying colours but usually appear brown to grey on their backs with a lighter underside. Unlike the Black Rat the tail is shorter than the head and body. The tail appears to be darker above and lighter towards the tip. Another very noticeable feature about this certain rat is its very small ears and its small eyes in comparison to the Black Rat.

Rats are distinguished from mice by their size; rats generally have bodies longer than 12 cm (5 inches).

By most standards, rats are considered pests or vermin. They can be very destructive to crops and property. Rats can quickly overpopulate when they live in a place where they have no predators, such as in certain cities, and their numbers can become hard to contain.

Rats have a significant impact on food production. Estimates vary, but it is likely that about one-fifth of the world's total food output is eaten, spoiled or destroyed by rats. It is interesting to note that about one-third of the food purchased by humans is thrown away as rubbish in certain areas.

People and companies think they can treat the pest problem themselves, only to find that they make the infestation worse by purchasing products from DIY outlets with a poor percentage of insecticide. This may prove to be an expensive waste of time and money.

Manchester Pest Control Service provides an effective solution to your pest control problem with advice to prevent any infestation recurring.

We will always advise on how to keep children, pets and staff safe. All works will be carried out in accordance with the Health & Safety Act 1974, the COSHH Regulations 1988, the Food & Environmental Act 1985 and Control of Pesticides 1986.

Manchester Pest Control Service Wasp Nest Treatment or Removal fixed price £35.00 no extra, no hidden chagres.

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